Jumping Jungle – Jungle Gymnastics BBB Response

After I filed my complaint against the Jumping Jungle / Jungle Gymnastics in Johnson City NY; with the BBB I received a letter from them.

As you can see by the letter below they have no regard for the actions of their staff, their equipment, or their ridiculous policies….

720 Azon Road, Suite 716
Johnson City, NY 13790

Antoine Loup
PO Box 2
Endicott, NY 13760

September 25, 2014

Brian has asked me to remind you that you were told that are parties are no longer
private. Our party plans changed when we moved to the Johnson City location.
Standard parties are semi-private at a cost of $225 and the parties are one hour and
forty five minutes long. A limited amount of privates parties are available for $450.
Private parties are also one hour and forty five minutes long.

You were also told that we do not refund money for parties. You were here and
used the facility so we will not be refunding any money.

As for your comment regarding posting reviews about our facility, you clearly
started posting reviews that weekend before our office was open and was able to
see or respond to you.

We have no ill will toward you or you daughter and sincerely hope that next year
you find a place that meets your needs for her birthday party.

Office Manager
Jungle Gymnastics and Cheerleading



About Tony Loup

Technical Advisor, Registered Roof Observer, CDT, Business Development & Solution Provider in the Building Material Industry
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