Jumping Jungle – Jungle Gymnastics & Cheerleading Complaint Follow-up

After I received the response from the Jumping Jungle aka Jungle Gymnastics and Cheerleading located in Johnson City NY and formerly of Vestal NY, I followed up by responding with this letter:

October 9, 2014
Jumping Jungle AKA Jungle Gymnastics and Cheerleading
720 Azon Rd Suite 716
Johnson City, New York 13790

Attn: Brian Howell / Owner; JoAnn / Office Manager

This letter is in response to your letter dated September 25, 2014 and postmarked October 1, 2014.

I will address each point of your letter individually:

  1. Yes – Brian and you both noted that parties “may” not be private. That is why I asked Brian, JoAnn, and the other staff, on multiple occasions prior to depositing the “non-refundable” fee. I was assured right up to the 20 minutes PRIOR to the start of my scheduled event that there was no party to run concurrently in the beginning. However it still was not until twenty minutes after the start of my event when I personally asked your other guests to leave the table area and to have their guests stop eating the food I was setting out.
  2. You claim in your letter that your policy regarding private parties changed when you entered the new facility. So is it still your policy or have you changed it back, and if you changed it back, why did you do that? Are you admitting through the change of your policy that it was a failed policy that had gone terribly wrong? If you have changed your policy do you not think it would be considerate to address the people who were wronged?
  3. JoAnn clearly indicated to me prior to me placing money with your company that the fee was “non-refundable” if I chose to cancel. I did not cancel. Yes I was there. However I contracted with you to utilize the bouncy houses, not simply a large warehouse space. The bouncy houses were shut down approx. 30 minutes before the end of the contracted time and your next customer was pushing our children off of the equipment. Therefore we were not provided the full use of the contracted equipment in an enjoyable manner for the contracted duration.
  4. Stating your office was not open – is inaccurate since:
    1. Brian was at the facility and in communication with the staff
    2. You had multiple parties going on that day and the next.
  5. I contacted you via phone at least twice, once before leaving an online review. You chose not to respond. It is my prerogative to leave reviews which are accurate and clearly describe the events that occurred. As you will find – I like writing business case studies that highlight how businesses can do better.
  6. I have no ill will towards you either. In fact I was just explaining to someone that if you changed your policies and you do the right thing, I might even use your services again as long as there are clear guarantees in place. Remember I used your facilities two years in a row previously. This time I was extremely concerned about your policy and that is why I continually asked about the changes.
  7. My position at this point is more about your handling of this business matter, which has been very bad and goes against even the most basic principles taught to first year business students.
  8. IMPORTANT: Please understand that at no time, will I accept anyone suggesting that I did any of the following:
    1. Used inappropriate language at any time.
    2. Threatened anyone at any time.
    3. Asked for a full refund (as evidenced by the BBB complaint I did not).
    4. Asked for a full refund in any previous business dealings with your company.
  9. It should be very clear to everyone that I did:
    1. Complain to the owner and staff during the event.
    2. Politely instruct the first party to leave after they were still in the party area 35 minutes after their scheduled time was up. Which your staff would not do.
    3. Raised my voice to a man who was touching and ordering our guests to move away from certain areas even though our time was still not up.
    4. Raised my voice to your staff after they ignored my clear indication that our time was not up yet the other houses were down, which occurred after having to ask twice when that staff member was talking to one woman about gymnastics and they ignored my previous requests multiple times throughout the event.
    5. Have requested a very fair and reasonable return of 40% of the payment made as we were denied approximately 40 minutes of the use of the bouncy houses and the party area.
    6. Post online reviews to multiple sites detailing my interactions with your facility and company.

Please understand that as a basic business policy I review (as much as I can) all businesses I deal with and I promote the ones who offer good services. I also warn others about businesses that offer bad service. I frequently do updates and follow ups as well.

How you choose to handle this situation is up to you. As I stated in a recent email to you via Facebook, I can provide the accurate information that your company did the right thing, and has changed the policy if you have, and has apologized for the bad service. Or I can post follow ups saying you want to try and blame me and you want to hide behind “non-refundable” disclaimers that do not even apply to what occurred.  I can update everyone explaining how instead of handling this like reasonable and responsible professionals, you have instead chosen a different path. I have noted you have or are changing your name – I will be sure to update all of my reviews to reflect that as well.

I expect an apology – I expect to be reimbursed the reasonable amount requested – I expect that you handle this the right way. I expect you will not in any way try to provide anyone with false information about me in writing or verbally.

Thank you for your time and I hope this matter comes to an expedient and satisfactory resolution.

Regards, Tony Loup
PO Box 2, Endicott, NY 13760

About antoineloup

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